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For more information about membership email:

Get Connected:

PTSA provides opportunities to meet and network with other parents, teachers and school administrators.

Speak up:

PTSA can be a way for you to more effectively be the voice for change at your child’s school.

Watch yourself Grow:

As a PTSA volunteer, you can use your skills and hobbies for a relevant cause while setting a positive example for your child and all children in the community.


Give Back:

By becoming part of PTSA, you will be part of the solution, to help make positive changes in your child’s school.


Effectively Engage:

Spend quality time with your children though PTSA programs, events and resources. Not only will you show how much you care about them, but you will also demonstrate the importance you place on their education.




If you would like to join, please follow the enrollment instructions. 


Enrollment Instructions:  

#1: Please use the following web address to enroll:

#2: Select the appropriate membership category 

#3: Complete the on-line form.  

For Membership Type:  ‘Standard’ is the correct member type for the first parent/guardian enrolling.

For Alumni / Community Member: All parents / guardians are community members.

#4: Select the orange button, ‘Add to Cart’

#5: Top right corner click on, ‘Items’

#6: View Cart and Pay! 

#7: PTSA Membership cards are included with email receipt!  

***Please note: Each member must have their own EMAIL and or phone number.  


Your membership dollars help CHSN PTSA advocate for our school, expand resources for our students and teachers, and fund scholarships, grants, and much needed beautification projects.


Please help us keep this momentum going by joining the CHSN PTSA and become part of a team that is making a difference in your child's high school.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!




Membership dues support  the PTSA  programs, initiatives, improvements for our children and school. We need ALL of our families to show their support.

Registration is now opened!

For any questions or concerns  please email:

Help us get as many parents and guardians, teachers and students to join our PTSA as possible!

  • One free gift will be given with family memberships of 1-3 people! 

  • Two free gifts will be given with family memberships of 4 or more!
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